Senior/Middle Product Manager (Web)

Hard times give birth to strong people. Therefore, each of us should become a reliable rear for our country!
Currently, we are providing financial and material assistance to the army, using our apps to inform users around the world about situation in Ukraine, and providing support to our specialists and their families.
We want to continue to be a support for Ukraine and the team, so we continue to work and hire strong specialists.

We are looking for an experienced Senior Product Manager who is inspired by what they do and ready to drive a team working on the development of the world’s #1 applications in the Health & Fitness category.

Here at Welltech we create mobile applications for the Health & Fitness category. The company is currently in the world’s TOP3 (H&F) in terms of sales revenue.

Grow with us:

• 4+ years on the global market
• 400+ professionals (over the past year we have grown 2 times
• 10+ apps
• 150M+ downloads
• Our applications are sold all over the world with a focus on the USA, Latin America, Europe, and we are actively entering the Asian markets

Challenges you'll meet:

• Launching and managing WEB products and developing a roadmap for strategic product development;
• Conduct competitors research and analysis, competitive industry trends and plan product feature iterations, generate new valuable product features;
• Monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators: ROI, LTV, CPA etc.
• Set goals and create task for the development team, interaction with all stakeholders;
• Product releases coordination and development process planning with the project manager and technical team;
• Work with product backlog (definition and collection of requirements, prioritization, decomposition, formation of a backlog for a year/quarter/sprint);
• Create requirements for new functionality, support of the implementation process (drafting and approval of specifications and technical specifications, work with designers, monetization managers, and other specialists);
• Lead cross-functional teams to implement solution

Your professional qualities:

• 4+ years of B2C product management experience focusing on web;
• Strong technical background, ability to dive into the technical details is required;
• Strategic, creative, and analytical. You know how to prioritize to drive impact!
• Be able to work independently, anticipating and resolving problems;
• Deep understanding of all stages of product, project and team management;
• Proven ability to lead teams and work cross-functionally;
• Possess strong decision-making and prioritization skills;
• Orientation on effective cross-functional collaboration via open, respectful, and empathic communication
• Experience in A / B tests and understanding of assessment methodology;
• Understanding product metrics (Bounce Rate, MAU, DAU, Payment rates etc.)
• High level of responsibility — you will manage a large product and make important decisions

You'll perfectly match our team if you:

• Are proactive and energetic;
• Have storng analytical skills;
• Can present information in a laconic and structured way;
• Actively invest in self-development;
• Can work in the format of constant change of priorities;
• Have storng communication skills, an ability to "sell" your ideas to the team

For your success we offer:

• Flexible start: the day can start from 8:00 to 11:00, focusing on personal preferences and team meetings
• Social guarantees: timely compensation, paid day-offs, and paid sick leave
• Individual budget for training/courses
• Free use of our mobile apps (yoga, running, fitness, etc.)
• Endless opportunities for professional and personal growth
• Strong team of professionals, sharing experience and knowledge

Check out some of our products:

• Yoga Go — /
• Muscle Booster — /

Candidate journey: ⭕️ Intro call ----> ⭕️ Interview ----> ⭕️ Test Task ----> ⭕️ Final interview

In our team, you'll find an opportunity to develop and implement your ideas, as well as to make the world a better place!

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