Digital Assets Specialist

Fabiosa Media is an international media publisher. We create world-class video content for social media audiences. Our goal is to become the world’s #1 digital publisher in chosen content categories, and we're already #7!

At Fabiosa we:

  • generate over 3 billion monthly views on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok;

  • continually grow our 150+ million social network audiences.

Who is our team?

More than 200 experts from 5 continents work together to create unique content.

Fabiosa Media team members aim to achieve excellence, constant growth and leadership in the chosen field. Join us!

To become #1 media publisher in the world, we’re looking for a Digital Assets Specialist.

What you’ll do:

  • Monitor, register and analyze metrics of Facebook, YouTube, TitTok and Instagram pages;

  • Eliminate factors that negatively affect the page and video metrics;

  • Track social media updates for creators and business;

  • Work with rights management tools on platforms;

  • Appeal video monetization restrictions on social media.

Our candidate:

  • 1-2 years’ working experience (SMM, social media page management, project management, social media data analysis);

  • can handle large volumes of information;

  • minimum В2 English;

  • knows the basics of social media operations;

  • analytical skills and an advanced user of Google Sheets;

  • tracks trends and introduces them into the company.

We offer:

  • Comfortable conditions: full-time remote position (09:00-18:00, work days 5/2) that allows you to work anywhere you like with stable internet.

  • Fair compensation that allows you to focus on project development and your own professional growth.

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